Tuesday, 17 October 2017

extra hours

It has been a while since consistent early mornings have become routine. Unfortunately puppies are like babies, they wake up early, ready to go. Suddenly there are extra hours in the day and it feels like a long time between getting out of bed and falling back into it. Today is 'an at home day' and I had cleaned (including the shower), vacuumed, washed floors and done a load of washing before 8.30am. Then I tackled the garden, watering, pulling out peas and preparing the beds for summer crops and it was still mid morning. So I decided to wash the deck to get rid of the layer of dirt from the roadworks out the front of our house, and it still wasn't lunch time!

Winnie was very helpful all morning, not.

pulling out peas and having a munch at the same time

Another load of washing and finally it is lunch time. Winnie conks out from all her helping and I duck out to the shops while she sleeps.

The afternoon is hot, our first for the season and Winnie is lethargic (actually we both are) so I am catching up on mail, sorting photos (for some reason there are a ridiculous amount of the dog) and writing this blog, and it is not quite mid afternoon, still hours to go before Johanna and Colin return from their respective work days. Think I'll join Winnie for an afternoon nap...

Sunday, 8 October 2017

saturday night

Hmmm, what have we become. It is a Saturday night, 8.45pm. I am laying on the couch with Winnie sprawled on top of me. She is snoozy and cuddly, she really could be in her bed while Johanna is in the shower but I can't resist. She nuzzles her head into my neck, her little tail wags and her heart beats fast. Her breathing slows, she tries to get closer, her eyes become glazed and gently close. She must dream sometimes because her breathing changes, she twitches and makes funny little noises. Eventually, gently rhythmic snores are right near my ear. On the other couch lies Colin reading, the book slowly lowers to his chest and his head nods forward. Eventually, not so gentle rhythmic snores, thankfully not right near my ear. Johanna walks into the lounge, "Are you guys asleep, you have got to be joking it's not even nine o'clock, get with it!"

Life at the moment is very puppy centered, a lot of work for a little while. The reward is loving devotion. Who else will greet you like this when you come home from work.

For those so inclined you can check out the winnstagram

Sunday, 1 October 2017

the south island

Colin had a conference in Christchurch and I decided to tag along. The city remains visibly impacted from the earthquake in 2011. It is a strange mix of emptiness and brokenness alongside a mass of building activity. There are layers upon layers of complexity here; grief and trauma, courage and resilience, hope and possibilities, frustration and bureaucracy...

I spent a pleasant day wandering the streets of Christchurch, visiting the art gallery and walking in the botanic gardens and as I sent a message to my girls outlining the day I realised just what an 'old person' I am becoming. They agreed.

I rode the gondola to the top of nearby hills and enjoyed the view of Christchurch, Lyttelton, the bays, lakes and the sea from the top. Luckily for me it was a clear day, blue skies and blue water.

I joined a day tour and headed west to the mountains, Mount Sunday to be exact, the home of Edoras for those who are fans of the Lord of the Rings. It was breathtakingly beautiful...

It was a ten hour day but well worth it. There is always something so soothing and soul-full about being in nature.

And I have to admit that I really missed Winnie while I was away...

Sunday, 24 September 2017


We are all totally smitten, of course. My goodness, has a puppy ever been so adored by so many family members. Heidi and Alex stayed last night, as well as Zac and Jan (before they head off to Japan) and Rach will be down in a couple of days, all to meet the newest family member. Luckily Winnie is the most smoochy, cuddle loving dog you have ever seen. Not sure if it is the breed, a Cavalier King Charles, or her in particular, but she will happily sit on someones lap 24/7 and there are plenty of people lining up for the privilege. Not only does she sit happily, she cuddles, smooches and looks adoringly at you. Oh dear, she is going to be so spoilt.

Johanna finally has the dog of her dreams and is experiencing all that 'parenthood' brings. She now has a constant shadow, a little bundle of love that looks for her when she goes to work and finds comfort in sitting on her shoes.

Heidi, just slightly besotted!
And Jan too

And it may just be that on a rainy Sunday afternoon Winnie and I cuddled up together for a nap, couldn't think of any place I'd rather be...

Friday, 8 September 2017

catching up

Not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone. Somewhere in there has been lots of assignments for my photography course, plans for the addition of another member to the family - of the four legged variety (more on that at a later date I'm sure), getting some things sorted for Italy, planning to join Colin in New Zealand for a few days in a couple of weeks and on the list goes. Some things that were on the list have fallen by the wayside, including learning some Italian; time to get back with the program. There's also been some garden preparation for spring planting; just waiting for the spring weather! Johanna and I got hailed on the other day running from the shopping centre to the parked car.

Lots of stuff happening and thankfully most of it good...

the promise of spring

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


We spent the weekend in Tassie celebrating another milestone birthday, my mother's 70th. Like most mothers she is an amazing and special lady and very much loved.

She also happens to be a bit of a crazy dog lady, as my sister can attest when she went to visit and found my mother and Lottie sitting side by side in their rocking chairs! Lottie has personality; that is a kind way of saying she is a crazy, energetic, full on puppy. She has moments of normality, a slight hope for the future. In the meantime, as my mother said, she literally laughs out loud every day at her antics - a not so little fuzzball of mischief and merry-making...

Thursday, 10 August 2017


It just so happened that Johanna had the day off, Rachel had stayed overnight and Colin didn't have to be in Melbourne (he juggled work from home). It wasn't a hard decision to ditch attending my class today and join the others in a rare mid-week jaunt.

A little bit of a swing

A little bit of a walk

A little bit of a swim (well Rach was the only one brave enough to strip off and take the plunge)

A little bit of yoga (well for Johanna anyway)

And a little bit of lunch, but no photo of that.

Comment of the day from Johanna, "it just makes me so happy to have sand under my feet"

Sunday, 30 July 2017

birthday suit

Zac got a new wetsuit and hood for his birthday, of course it needed a test run. It wasn't the best of days or conditions but Point Roadknight promised something.

heading out

some fun little waves

a trademark Zac stance

Jan's practising is paying off

someone is not having a good day, may even have been a bit of an angry outburst

Zac mucking around on Colin's board

the angry man finally found something (in his defence he was not riding his usual board today)

at least he is up

Zac didn't seem to have too many problems

nice one to finish the day

Verdict - the wetsuit and hood were great, only his hands went numb (gloves are next on the list).

Epilogue - the angry man recovered his usual good humour (so much so that when I was taking photos of the ordeal that is removing a wetsuit with numb hands at the end of the day, he delighted in bending over and mooning the photographer, unfortunately I captured the moment, fortunately for him I am not one to post such a thing!)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

it's time

We knew it was coming, she was deteriorating slowly and then last week rapidly and then Heidi had to make the hardest decision of all - it was time. Time to say goodbye. 15 plus years of doggy love and devotion with a good measure of 'rascal-ness' thrown in. The whole family was there; to say goodbye, to spend the last precious morning together, to take her to the vet, to cry together, to see her life end and her body relax, to bury her in our garden here at Barwon Heads, to remember and tell stories about the little dog with a big attitude that was an integral part of our family...

Thursday, 13 July 2017

crazy girls

Two daughters - a midwinter sunrise swim, yeah sure, sounds like a great idea!

 A five minute quick walk

First some contemplation for one and yoga for the other

Courage and a touch of crazy

So beautiful

And then the fog rolled in